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Sampling/Analytical Services

Laboratory Equipment
PANalytical Axios XRF X-Ray
Leco CS-300 Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer
Mettler DL55 Auto-titrator with Mettler ST20 Sample Changer
Mettler XF-64 Balance, Mettler PE4000 Balance
Thermo Jarrell Ash Atomscan 16 ICP

The BMC laboratory utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and techniques which are performed in accordance our ISO compliant laboratory procedures. The latest in statistical process control techniques are employed to continuously track each batch so that, in the final analysis, all products are within the specifications and free of unwanted residual elements.

Bear Metallurgical Company has established a reputation in the vanadium and molybdenum industry for its advanced analytical capability. BMC participats in several
'round-robin' tests with other labs in the industry resulting in excellent results.

Please send a message to if you would like a quotation on your sampling and analytical requirements.